Baader 2 inch S-II Narrowband 6.5 nm Filter - CMOS optimized

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Narrowband Sulphur S-II nebula filter by Baader-Planetarium for astrophotography with CMOS sensors for high contrast for telescopes from f/10 - f/3.5

 2" mounted with filter thread on both sides
 Low profile filter cell - height only 6 mm
 Optimized for CMOS sensors (Color and MONO)
 Reflex blocker coating against reflections in combination with correctors placed near the filter
 Exact and narrow FWHM for optimal signal-to-noise ratio
 Identical filter thicknesses for parfocality (not parfocal to older Baader filters!)
 Blackened edges
 The front side is marked in the form of a black outer edge (front side indicator)
 The edge of the filter is sealed, so no moisture can get in
 Life-Coat - an even harder coating for a virtually unlimited lifetime
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