TS-Optics ADC atmosferische dispersiecorrector

Artikelnummer: TSADCN
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Levertijd: 1 week

With the TS ADC your images of moon and planets as well as your observations near the horizon become significantly sharper and more detailed.

♦ Corrects the color shift (Dispersion) of our atmosphere - less color fringing, more sharpness and detail

♦ Convenient operation with eyepiece attached - simply rotate the lever and notice how the sharpness of your view or camera image improves.

♦ The principle behind the ADC is simple - two prisms are shifted relatively to each other and thereby compensate the color shift of the atmosphere (see image)

♦ A ring scale allows for reproducable adjustments

♦ Simple adaptation on the telescope side and eyepiece side via 1.25" receptacle and T2 thread

♦ Ultraslim design - the TS ADC can even be attached to binoviewers - height without T2 connection parts only 29 mm from T2 to T2

♦ Usable among others for observation and photography of planets, the moon or double stars

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