Explore Scientific APO 165 mm FPL-53 CF 3,0"FT

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This excellent telescope is the currently largest representative of a new line of apochromatic refractors by EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC. The completely new designed optics contains the special glas FPL-53, and delivers stunning sharpness and contrast without any trace of color abberation. For a apochromatic refractor of this size the focal ratio is relatively fast - the f/7 optics is thus also very suitable for astrophotography. For this reason we added one of the world’s top focusers - the high precision and the famed rigidity of the 3" Feathertouch focuser make focusing an easy task - and unwanted movements of the sensor during exposure do not happen. The result of this combination of outstanding optics, top level mechanics and the relatively low weight is a extremely versatile telescope that wil not only give images of the moon and planets that are perfect. It will also exceed the expectations of even the most demanding amateur astronomers in the field of astrophotography.

These very popular EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Triplet ED APO Refractors we do offer in 3 different product lines:

Essential Line: 
HOYA FCD-1 Glass lens, AL-Tube, 2.0" Rack&Pinion Focusser with 1:10, 2.0" Star Diagonal 99% Reflectivity (see Part No. 0112084(AL), 0112106(AL), 0112132(AL)), 0112155(CF + 3"FT)) 

Professional Line: 
HOYA FCD-100 Glas lens, AL/CF-Tube, 2.5" HEXAFOC Focusser with 1:10, 2.0" Star Diagonal 99% Reflectivity (see Part No. 0112086(AL), 0112108(AL), 0112109(CF), 0112134(AL), 0112135(CF))

High-End Line: 
OHARA FPL-53 Glass lens, Carbon(CF) Tube, 3.0" Feather-Touch Focusser with 1:10, 2.0" Star Diagonal 99% Reflectivity (see Part No. 0112165(CF))

  • excellent color correction
  • Retractable dewshield
  • Lightweight carbon fiber construction
  • 165mm tube CF (165/1155mm (6.5" f/7.0) 
  • FTF3235B-A Feather Touch® True 3.0" Dia Dual Speed Focuser
  • 2” Diagonal mirror with 99% coating
  • 06-20160 90° illuminated finderscope with true oriented view
  • Tube rings with handle
  • 3“ Losmandy-type dovetail
  • DeLuxe Flight case with wheels
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