Apochromatische refractor AP 80/600 80PHQ

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The 80PHQ is a very transportable APO refractor for astrophotography with corrected field of view up to full frame format and for observing up to the highest magnification range.

♦ Aperture 80 mm / focal length 600 mm / focal ratio f/7.5

♦ 4-element Petzval system with color clean triplet objective and one corrector lens built into the tube

♦ Stable 3" RAP focuser with dual speed and 360° rotation

♦ Sufficient working distance for observation with 2" accessories

♦ Suitable photo adapters are included in delivery

♦ Illuminated image circle with very good correction up to full frame format

♦ CNC tube rings with Vixen style EQ5 dovetail bars and carrying handle

♦ Finder shoe for standard finder and mini guiding telescopes available

♦ Each Quadruplet Apo is inspected upon receipt, you will receive an optimally adjusted telescope for successful photography and observation from the very beginning.

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