Omegon CS-mount objectief 2,5mm, f/1,2

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Broaden the possibilities of your astrocamera! Capture wide expanses of sky with this fisheye lens. It enables you to take photographs of meteors, weather observations and breath-taking images of the Milky Way.

The lens fits the Omegon Pro cameras from the veLOX and GUIDE series, as well as all astrocameras with CS mount thread.

The maximum field of view is 170°. The image circle (6.8mm diameter) covers most 1.25" astrocamera sensors.

We recommend the Omegon CMOS camera mount to properly mount your astrocamera in combination with this lens.

The anodised aluminium housing and lens caps on both sides protect the optics from damage.



  • Overview images of the starry sky
  • Star trail or time-lapse shots
  • Meteor photography
  • Weather observation
  • Milky Way photography


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