Spectrum Telescope Filters Glass Solar 171mm

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These full aperture Solar Filters, are safe glass solar filters that allows as much of the light through as possible through the telescope safely. This allows your telescope’s full aperture to be viewed, giving you the best daytime viewing possible with minimal atmospheric instability. When there is instability, you put a mask over the filter’s end that will reduce the aperture effectively.
There is an aluminum cell with this premium solar filter that is centered and secured to the end of the telescope tube by nylon thumb screws using a felt padding. It is made from hand selected glass that is of high quality glass with a reflective coating that has been thoroughly inspected. This high quality glass is durable, providing the market a full aperture solar filter. The image of the sun being viewed has a yellowish-orange natural look when directly viewed through a telescope or for photographs.
This filter comes in a foam lined box that is then placed in plastic to keep it safe from any possible jarring during handling, perfect for storing the filter when you’re not using it too. There are complete and thorough instructions included on how to use and care for the unit.

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