Prismenschiene PLUS Vixen-Style 140mm

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The plate is part of our PLUS system that includes a large variety of other plates, support rings, guide rings and dovetail clamps to offer you the maximum freedom to build your mechanical support system, depending on the application you want to accomplish. Indeed, all the PLUS elements have threaded holes, holes and slots suitable for connecting elements, always with maximum rigidity and comfort.

Thanks to the particular design, the plate can be:

  • positioned below the support rings to install the telescope on mounts
  • installed above the support rings to increase the mechanical rigidity of the entire telescope (and allow you to attach other accessories such as dovetail clamps with guide rings to precisely adjust the position of the guide telescope)
  • used as a basis to create a side-by-side plate (which allows you to install two telescopes in parallel on a mount with a single plate) together with two dovetail clamps PLUS



If you have other brands mechanical accessories, you can still use all the elements of the PLUS system.

Like all the other elements of the PLUS series, these guide rings are made with high mechanical precision (built with CNC machines from aluminum block) and specially designed to enable you to easily install other mechanical elements such as support rings, plates or dovetail clamps.

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