Telescoop AC 80/400 Skyline Travel AZ

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Complete telescope system neatly organized in a padded backpack for on-the-go visual adventures. A versatile telescope ideal for daytime scenic viewing or casual nighttime stargazing and Moon watching. Includes 80mm-aperture refractor with rack-and-pinion focuser telescope for sharp, detailed views at 16x and 40x magnifications with included eyepieces. Adjustable aluminum tripod with 3-way pan head allows easy pointing and smooth motion of the telescope. Great set of accessories including 25mm Kellner and 9mm Plossl eyepieces, Barlow Lens 3x, 45-degree correct-image diagonal, 5 x 20 finder scope, Orion's MoonMap 260, and padded backpack to take it all with you wherever you go!

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